Collaborative mobile robot for Surveillance & Security

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  • IP54 Protection
  • Beacon 360 LED Lighting
  • LIDAR 3D
  • Microphone IP65
  • Speakers IP65
  • Bi-spectral Pan-Tilt-Zoom
  • 5G Router
  • GPS
  • IMU
  • RGBD Camera
  • Inspection Packages
  • Battery 15Ah@48V
  • Docking station

Surveillance & Security tasks require precision and reliability in order to detect, prevent and overcome potential hazards and risks in different environments. 

Robotnik has developed the RB-WATCHER, the autonomous robotic platform developed to safely and efficiently perform Surveillance & Security tasks, even in challenging or changing operating environments.  

RB-WATCHER is the advanced robotics solution that optimizes the security and surveillance of indoor and outdoor areas, performing operations autonomously or teleoperated, reporting data in real time to a control centre.



  • Autonomous patrolling of the pre-defined area following a planned schedule

  • Real time monitoring of the cameras and sensors
  • Remote operation
  • Fire detection
  • Optional video transmission of blurred faces for privacy purposes
  • Real-time alarm transmission through several communication channels
  • Collection and post-analysis of gathered data
  • Communication of incidents in real time
Data sheet
Ambient temperature / humidity-10°C to +45°C
Size720 x 614 x 416 mm
Weight62 kg
Speed2,5 m/s
Load capacity65 Kg
ControllerOpen architecture ROS | PC with Linux integrated
Traction system4 x 500W brushless servomotors with rubber wheels (Mecanum optional)
AutonomyUp to 5 h continuous operation
Max. climbing angle80 %
BateríasLiFePO4 15Ah@48V
CommunicationWifi 802.11n
ConnectivityRouter 4G Optional Router 5G Optional Smart Radio
Pan/tilt/zoomBi-spectral PTZ Camera
Laser classLIDAR 3D
Front cameraFront Depth Cámera

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