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Small and laser type obstacle detection sensor!

Wide detection range (area in the vertical direction 5m · width 4m)

Main features:

  • It is light distance sensor of the two-dimensional scanning to measure the distance to the detected object while scanning with light.

  • Deal for obstacle avoidance and path planning of the service robot to move at a high speed.

  • Power supply voltage DC24V · current consumption 150 mA or less.

  • distance measurement range, the vertical direction 0.1 ~ 5m × width 4m, angle 180 °.

Data sheet
Model NºUBG-05LN
Light sourceSemiconductor laser 785 nm (FDA laser safety class 1)
Accuracy± 20mm detection distance is up to 1m, 1m or more is 2% of the detection distance
Ambient temperature / humidity-10 to +50 degrees C, 85%RH or less(Not dew-drop and frozen)
Vibration resistance10 to 55 Hz, double amplitude 1.5mm each 2 hour in X, Y y Z directions
Weight185g (cable 1m included: 260g)
Power input 24VDC(Allowable range 18 to 30VDC including ripple)
Power Comsution150mA or less (inrush current of about 300mA required at the time of start-up, when the power supply is 24V)
Detection RangeVertical direction 0.1 ~ 5m, the width 4m area (the origin scan center position)
Hysteresis6.25% of the detection distance
Output response time210 ms or less (scan speed of 100ms / 1 rotation)
Object DetectionWhite Kent paper 125mm × 125mm (installed parallel to the sensor emitter and the light-receiving surface)
Input response timeInput capture period: 1 scan time (100Ms) (except when the light emission stop state selected from the external input is the input capture cycle 1ms.)

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