B1 Quadruped robot


Unitree B1 Intelligent Quadruped Robot

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B1 is Unitree's quadruped developed to perform different inspection, security or goods transport tasks efficiently, in any type of weather conditions.

Its load and movement capacity, precise and multidimensional perception, total scene coverage, high computing power, speed and level of protection make the B1 an ideal robot for industrial applications, as well as scientific research.

Main features:

  • Size (standing): 1126mm×467mm×636mm
  • Weight (with battery): 55kg
  • Protection: IP68 (optional) IP67 (standard)
  • Endurance time: 2-2.5h
  • Max. load in motion: 20kg
  • Max. standing load: 80kg
  • Maximum speed: 1.2m/s
  • Obstacle clearance: 20cm
  • Slope: 30%


  • Inspection
  • Security

Data sheet
Model NºB1
Interface2×8PIN Gigabit Ethernet Interface+12V Power Supply+485/CAN (Pass-through)
Weight55 kg (with battery)
Voltage5V, 12V, 24V
Speed1.2 m/s
IPIP68 (optional) IP67 (standard)
Load capacityUp to 80 kg
Autonomy2 - 2'5 h
Max. climbing angle30º


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