What is ROS-Components?

ROS Components is an online store for robotic products supported by ROS.

Where do we come from?

ROS Components is a division of Robotnik Automation, a leading company in the European service robotics market.

Since its foundation in 2002, Robotnik has been dedicated to the development of robotic products, robotics engineering services and robotics R&D.

The rise and potential of all the robots and devices using ROS has led us to create this new and exciting project, where we intend to offer a huge range of products in a simple and useful way for the customer. The client will be able to find all the technical information and support of any product at the same place: ROS Components.

Why ROS-Components?

In recent years, ROS has become the standard in Service and Research Robotics, and it’s making great advances in the Industry sector (visit http://rosindustrial.org/).

Most of the robots and components in the market support ROS, though sometimes finding which are really supported, what ROS version they make use, and how to get them is a difficult task. One of our main purposes is to make it easier and simpler for the customer, linking the products with their ROS controllers, explaining how to install and configure them and showing where to find useful information about them.

All the products in the site are supported by ROS, either available directly in the ROS distribution or through their source code. The ROS community has a new meeting point in ROS Components!

ROS as standard

From ROS-Components we strongly believe that ROS is and will be the standard in Robotics for many more years. Therefore we want to encourage roboticists to use it (whether you are not already doing so) as well as manufacturers to give support to it.

Welcome to ROS Components!

Our internationalization project  is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


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