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The qb SoftHand2 Research is the stronger, smarter and more versatile evolution of qb SoftHand Research: an anthropomorphic robotic hand with 19 disclosable self-healing finger joints. It is always adaptable and robust, easy-to-use and flexible.

The qb SoftHand2 Research represents a compromise between complexity and dexterity. This new hand is capable of performing both precision and power grips, as well as manipulating objects while maintaining a stable grip.

The introduction of second synergy hallows the qb SoftHand2 Research to manipulate objects intended for interaction with the human hand, without changing the wrist orientation.

The in-hand manipulation capability widely increases the applications in R&D, testing and human interaction fields.

Playing with the two synergies, the qb SoftHand2 Research can perform a precise grasp to accurately interact with little objects.The higher strength of qb SoftHand2 Research allows you to exploit the best from your robot, ensuring a firmer grip on the object.In addition to the great adaptability, the qb SoftHand2 Research capabilities allow it to apply localized contact forces, very useful feature for operating on interfaces commonly used in everyday life.


  • Flexible, Adaptive & Robust
  • 19 anthropomorphic DOFs, two synergies, two motor
  • Dislocatable, self-healing finger joints
  • Different closure postures: precise pinchgrasp, in-hand manipulation, pointing finger
  • Nominal payload 2kg (pinch configuration)
  • Nominal payload 3kg (grasp configuration)
  • From wide open to clenched fist in 1 s
  • USB & RS485 interfaces
  • ROS Compatible – click here for more info
  • Weight: 0,94 kg
  • Feedback: motor position and motor current


  • Educational & Research
  • Research & Development
  • Quality inspection
  • Complex handling
Data sheet
Model Nºqb SoftHand2 Research
InterfaceUSB & RS485
Communication ProtocolRS485
Load capacity3 Kg.
Gripping timeFrom wide open to clenched fist in 1.1 s
Max. gripping force62N

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