General Conditions of Purchase

Robotnik Automation SLL, owned company, offers online sales according to the conditions described in this section. Please read them carefully. Robotnik Automation reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice this website and its sales policy. If you do not agree with the conditions, please do not use this site.

Prices and conditions of sale are purely informative and may be modified in response to market fluctuations. However, the order is placed by filling out the order form, implies conformity to the price offered and the general sales conditions in force. Once the order is formalized it becomes a purchase of right, with all the legal guarantees that protect the consumer, and from that moment the prices and conditions will have contractual character, and may not be modified without the express agreement of both contracting parties.

Cancellations or Modifications

If you want to cancel or modify an order, you must call as early as possible. You can contact us through the e-mail or by calling +34 961 341 336. We will check the status of the order and make the necessary changes without any additional charge. If you have processed a request to manufacturer cancellation fee of 20% may apply.

If the order had left the premises, please refer to the section of returns.

ROS-Components reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order if an account has outstanding debts.

Those cancellations of orders involving a return to the customer and to be done by bank transfer will take a maximum period of 30 days for administrative procedures. Although we try that the term does not exceed 7 days.


Under the current legislation, you can proceed to the return of products within a maximum period of 14 days from receipt of the goods by the customer. For this purpose must meet the requirements set in the conditions on this page.

  • To process a refund, please send an e-mail to the address Customer has to communicate their right of withdrawal and indicating the order ID and the reason for the return.
  • ROS-Components will confirm and provide the information necessary for return.
  • No returns will be accepted without prior confirmation.
  • All merchandise must be returned in its original condition and packaging, in perfect condition and protected.
  • Shipping costs incurred in the return will be responsibility of the customer. You are free to choose and find a way that best suits your needs.
  • Upon receipt of the merchandise and verified its condition, the refund will be processed. We will refund the payment received, including shipping costs of the least expensive mode within a maximum period of 14 calendar days since the goods receptions. Until we have not received the goods we may withhold reimbursement.
  • The merchandise refund will be denied if they do not meet any of the conditions listed above.
  • Any component that requires an assembly or welding, In any way won’t be refundable once mounted, soldiers or modified.
  • For special orders a charge of 20% will apply.



All prices quoted are in Euros (€).

Prices do not include taxes or shipping costs.

The price listed in the final purchase confirmation includes all taxes and VAT applicable in Spain and in the countries of the European Union.

Our prices may vary slightly or change without notice, depending on changes in the prices of our suppliers or currency movements.

Prices could contain some sort of error. If this occur, ROS-Components reserves the right to ask the customer about modifying the order at the revised price or cancel it.


Robotnik Automation SLL guarantees all equipment, components and other products distributed according to existing laws and the following conditions.

The consumer can address both the seller and the manufacturer of the product, liable for failures that become apparent within a period of between 6 months and 2 years (depending on the product and manufacturer).

During the time that the consumer is deprived of the product, the period of the guarantee is suspended; for example, if the repair of an object takes 15 days, the warranty period will end 15 days later than originally planned.

Shipping costs generated by the execution of the product warranty will be paid by Robotnik Automation in cases where the lack of conformity exists in the asset acquired. It should always be done following the instructions given by Robotnik Automation request and acceptance.

The consumer may complain to the seller when the product does not comply with the contract:

  • The asset acquired does not fit the description given by the seller.
  • No quality and expected performance, especially given the public statements (advertising, brochures, labeling ...) on their specific characteristics made by the seller or manufacturer.

The consumer and user have the right to:

  • Repair or replace. The consumer and user will be able to choose between repair or replacement, unless seller determines that one of the two options is impossible or disproportionate. It shall be deemed disproportionate having a higher cost. Consumables or second-hand cannot be replaced. Both repair and replacement must be made within a reasonable time and totally free to the consumer.

Cancellation of guarantees

The guarantee may be canceled by the following causes:

  • Improper use, handling or maintenance by the customer.
  • Components burned by surges or electrical current surges.
  • Broken or damaged components due to impact.
  • Improper repair, modification or extension by the customer of a team.
  • Deterioration, removal or concealment by the customer, the warranty label or manufacturer of all products manufactured or distributed by

In short, no damaged or with visible evidence of improper handling equipment will not be accepted. 

Warranty does not cover

The warranty does not cover defects caused by misuse of the product and / or manipulation that necessary establishes the nature, characteristics or operation. In such cases the consumer will be responsible for the repair. Excluded from the guarantee:

  • Defects and damage caused by external events, accidents, wear and use not in accordance with the instructions of ROS-Components.
  • Products modified or repaired by the customer or any other person not authorized by ROS Components and products that are the subject of a specific support contract.
  • Incorrect configuration software / hardware, by the customer, a computer component or peripheral. Incorrect configuration software / hardware or a fault caused by a component equipment not supplied by ROS-Components and incorporated by the customer.

The repair of the above cases will be billed.

These warranty terms do not affect consumer's statutory rights protected by applicable law. 

Warranty Service

The consumer and user may use the warranty by contacting ROS-Components. However, there are certain manufacturers who directly manage faults / defects / incidents arising in their products to provide after-sales service quality and reduce time. In this case the customer may choose to take or send the defective product directly from the manufacturer, usually at no cost to the customer.


For shipping to your destinatio, you must add the desired items to cart. Once added you can calculate and estimate shipping costs.

The customer has several shipping options, according to suit all needs.

Delivery times will depend on the availability of each product, which is indicated in each and every one of the products offered. In orders with multiple items will be a single shipment and delivery it will correspond to the item whose delivery is longer.

For products in stock and products that do not require any type of installation they will be normally shipped in 24 hours.

The customer will have 72 hours to verify the integrity of all components of the order and check that includes everything requested. After these 72 hours will by sending accepted and claims for damages or faults will not be accepted with shipping.

An order shall be deemed delivered when the delivery receipt signed by the customer. It is within 24 hours when the client must verify the products and expose all the objections that may exist.

If you receive a damaged product because of transport manipulation, contact us within the first 24 hours in order to claim the incident to the transport company.

ROS-Components sold anywhere in the world except some restrictions, since, for reasons of trade agreements with our suppliers, there are some items whose sale is delimited to certain regions.

For shipments outside the European Union, all customs costs will be borne by the customer.

Robotnik Automation is not responsible for any delay in delivery in those countries whose customs require special procedures, nor does it guarantees the delivery at the destination of the products if the customs of that country do not allow their entry. 

Payment Options

ROS-Components accept different payment methods for orders:

  • Transfer or deposit account
  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • Purchase Orders

You may choose the method of payment during the purchase process.

Transfer or deposit account

The Order Number must be indicated in the concept of the operation. This will facilitate our payment system that automatically locates and associates the order. Otherwise it may be delayed and lengthen the deadline for sending the order.

The products are reserved for 5 days pending receipt of the bank transfer. For products that require manufacturing or special request, the process will not start until receiving the transfer. 

Credit card

This payment is immediate.

The number of your credit card is processed directly on the bank's servers without the payment process go through our servers, ensuring greater security.

SSL and PCI DDS certification as well as the 3DSecure system, guarantee the highest levels of security in all transactions.

As our system prioritizes security, after authorizing the payment, your bank may request  you additional confirmation by a private code that could be sent to the mobile, card key or additional security key previously programmed. 


This payment is immediate, while it may take a few minutes to process the payment.

Involves 1% of the purchase amount.

For more information visit the link below. 

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders will only be accepted prior negotiation with the customer, mainly for public institutions, research centers, etc. In case you need this type of payment method, you can contact us through

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