6DOF Robot Arm

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User Programmable Open-Source Manipulator System

Modular Platform for Easy Maintenance and Customization

No External Control Box & High Weight-to-Payload Ratio

Package Components

OpenMANIPULATOR-PRO1 (Fully-assembled)
Hard Case1
Spare Cables (4P, 2P)1
Screw Sets (WB M3x8 etc)1
4P Expansion Hub1

S/W Specifications

  • ROBOTIS Manipulator controller package based on integrated software OpenMANIPULATOR-PRO Library (Kinematics,Trajectory and Dynamixel Controller).
  • GUI program package for setting and monitoring control parameters.
  • MoveIt! package for OpenMANIPULATOR-PRO
  • Simulation package based on Gazebo Simulator


  • Research and Education 
  • Kinematics and Dynamics Experiment
  • Research and Design a Dual Arm Robot
  • Build a Mobile Robot System
  • Industrial Operation
  • Inspection Equipment
  • Small-Scale Delivery System

Factory Default Settings

Baud Rate57600 bps

(User can change various settings including ID and baud rate according to environment)


All-in-one Modular Design
DC Motor + Controller + Driver + Sensor + Cycloid Reduction Gear
Compact and Lightweight
Minimized module size with compact and lightweight cycloid reduction gear.
High weight-to-output ratio(0.05Nm/g)
High impact resistance (over 400%)
High Precision and Low Backlash
Contactless (Magnetic) Absolute Encoder(by AMS) & Incremental Encoder for Precise Positioning
Low backlash (3~4arcmin)
Performance data provided tested by Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme(KOLAS)
Current-Based Torque Control
High speed current sensing algorithm and current feedback control
Triple-loop control for current, speed and position feedback.
User Friendly development environment
Provide C language based library 
Various solution examples (C++, LabVIEW, C#, eclipse, JAVA, etc..)


Please Note:

Power supply and PC are not included.

Data sheet
Model NºRM-P60-RNH
Weight5.5 kg
Speed180 (Each joint, deg/sec)
Load capacity3 kg
CommunicationRS-485 (Multi Drop Bus)
Reach645 mm
Power input24 (VDC)
SoftwareROS (Ubuntu Linux)

Official ros-package:


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