B2 Quadruped robot


Unitree B2 Intelligent Quadruped Robot

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B2 is the fastest running industrial-grade quadruped robot at 6m/s developed by Unitree and designed for industrial applications such as power inspection, emergency rescue and security patrolling, along with robotics education and research. 
The quadruped robot can move stably in a wide variety of environments, adapting to stairs and any flat terrain, even slippery or uneven ones. 
It has also an improved ability to overcome obstacles up to 40 cm high such as wooden crates and other obstructions in an unstructured industrial environment. 
In addition, the B2's innovative structural design allows switching between leg and wheel shapes (optional) to give a more comprehensive service, depending on the end application. 

Main features:

  • Size (standing): 1098mm×450mm×645mm
  • Weight (with battery): 60kg
  • Protection: P67 
  • Endurance time:4-6 h
  • Max. load in motion: 40kg
  • Max. standing load: 120kg
  • Maximum speed: 6m/s
  • Obstacle clearance: 40cm
  • Slope: 45%


  • Inspection
  • Security

Data sheet
Model NºB2
Interface1000M-Base-Ethernet x4 USB3.0 x4 12V x4 5V x 1 24V x4 BAT x1
Size1098x450x645 mm
Weight60 kg (with battery)
Voltage5V, 12V, 24V
Speed6 m/s
Autonomy4-6 h
Max. climbing angle45º


  • https://github.com/unitreerobotics
  • https://support.unitree.com/home/en/developer/debugging_specification

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