Mobile robots 

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    Autonomous mobile robot AGVS
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    Urban robot car for autonomous navigation. 
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    Perfect mobile robot for logistics applications
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    Autonomous mobile platform for research in logistics and manufacturing workflows. 
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    Mobile robot intended for logistics  and robotics in contruction
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    Mobile platform with an excellent mechanical steel structure that allows carrying heavy loads up to 130 Kg. Recommended cofiguration mounts 2 uds. of the UST-20LX laser and an Orbbec Astra
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    SUMMIT XL HL with high payload to operate in indoor and outdoor environments.
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    Mobile robot intended for logistics indoor applications Standard configuration mounts UST-20LX sensor and Orbbec Astra sensor
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    Mobile robot perfect for research environments in both indoor and outdoors.
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    Manufacturer: Yujin Robot Turtlebot 3 Waffle Pi mobile robot
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    Turtlebot 2 robot with configurable options
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    Turtlebot 3 burger mobile robot
  • Starting from 499,00 € In Stock
    Kobuki mobile robot. 

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