360º LiDAR, high angular resolution, 180 meters measure range.

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RS-Ruby-80, the new 80-beam LIDAR, is developed on the RS-Ruby Plus platform. It is equipped with 0.1º vertical angular resolution and 180m @10% NIST range and perception distance of 180m, wich fully meet the enironment perception needs of autonomous driving passenger cars, trucks, buses, tramcars and other vehicles.

Compared with RS-Ruby Lite, RS-Ruby-80 has reduced volume by 50%, weight by 50% and power consumption by 28%, and the performance has been greatly improved.

Meanwhile, RS-Ruby-80's stronger ground detection capability and excellent reflectivity performance complement each other to achieve longer traffic lane line detection range.

Data sheet
Model NºRS-Ruby-80
Sizeφ: 125mm* H128mm
Weight1.85Kg (sin cableado)
Operating Temperature-40 ° C ~ + 60 ° C
Storage Temperature-40 ° C ~ + 85 ° C
Power Consumption24-27 W
Laser beam80 beams
Laser classClass1
Data rate1,440,000pts/s (Single return Mode); 2,880,000pts/s (Dual return Mode)
Field of view (vertical)40 °
Field of view (horizontal)360º
RPM600/1200 rpm (10/20 Hz)
Data typeSpatial coordinates/intensity
Blind spot≤1.0m

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