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Nine drives enable the 5-finger hand to carry out various gripping operations. It has been found that many human gestures can be replicated, thus a visual communication between a human and service robot is simplified, therefore increasing the acceptance of using them in the domestic environment.

By using tactile sensors in the fingers, the gripper hand has the necessary sensitivity and can therefore manage every gripping and manipulation task, even in unstructured and unforeseeable situations. Elastic gripping surfaces ensure a reliable hold of the gripped objects.

The anthropomorphic gripper hand is completely integrated in the wrist, and therefore make particularly compact solutions feasible. The gripper hand can be connected via defined interfaces with any lightweight arm available on the market. For mobile applications, the 5-finger hand is designed for power supply with battery-servable 24 VDC.

* 1 Day Training option: Contact us directly for further details.

Data sheet
Weight1.3 Kg
Voltage24 V
Length242 mm.
Width92 mm.
Max. finger width19.6 mm.
Ratio to human hand1:1
Number of axes20
Small finger drives1
Ring finger drives1
Middle finger drives2
Index finger drives2
Thumb drives2
Splay drives1

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