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The range of applications of the LWA 4D lightweight arm comprises various fields of robotics: Inspection systems, service robotics, use of mobile platforms, human­machine and human­human interactions are just some examples. The arm is based on the servo­electric swivel units PRL combined with ERB jointed modules with integrated motor controller units, and a through­hole for cable feed­through. The combination of a high compact performance, and new materials for the connection technology allow the doubling of the payload to nominal 10 kg. The standard design of the LWA 4D is available as a 7 axes system. The open software architecture allows for the connection and operation of any type of modules.

The LWA 4D arm includes a metal transportation box. 

Optional components:

USB-CAN Card: Needed to control the arm. Get 2 if you want to use an WSG 50 gripper. 


  • Inspection systems
  • Service robotics
  • Use in mobile platforms
  • Human­machine interactions

* LWA4D arm doesn't include gripper or hand.

Data sheet
Model NºLWA 4D
Accuracy+-0.15 mm.
InterfaceCANopen (CiA DS402:IEC61800-7-201)
Weight18 Kg.
Load capacity10 Kg.
Power input24 V DC / avg. 5 A / max. 15 A
Number of axes7
Position FeedbackPseudo-absolute position measuring
DrivesBrushless servomotors with permanent magnet brake


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