Urban robot car for autonomous navigation. 

Integrated remote stop.

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The Robotnik's mobile platform RB-CAR has RWD Ackerman kinematics. The traction is controlled by an AC motor with incremental encoder and the direction through a power steering system with absolute encoder.

Thanks to its mechanical structure and the rear drawer, this mobile platform can carry heavy loads. With the configuration of suitable sensors, the robot can be programmed to navigate autonomously, teleoperated with a joystick or a steering wheel, as an electric vehicle.

It has front and rear drum brakes that allow the robot to stop immediately,optionally, by remote emergency button. The robot can mount any standard accessory from the company (Hokuyo laser, Sick laser, DGPS kits, etc.) and any sensor required by the customer. It also has internal connectivity (USB, RS232) and external (USB, RJ45, DC/DC voltage) by demand to quickly connect the components.

Data sheet
Model NºRB-CAR
Size2.600 x 1.250 x 1.740 mm
Weight710 kg
Speed33 m/s
Load capacity2 people + 200 kg
Autonomy70 km
Box dimensions790 x 1100 mm

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