Mobile manipulator Fetch.

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FETCH is a mobile manipulator designed to address the logistics industry and applicable to the development of future applications incorporating USB extension ports for maximum exploitation. 

Standard price includes:

  1. Fetch manipulator

Fetch both sides

Main features

  • Autonomous work

FETCH can be used independently to carry out orders continuously and long lasting.

  • Cooperative work

FETCH can develop orders with mobile platforms like FREIGHT, even in multiple ways.

  • Arm

The FETCH mobile manipulator arm has 7 DOF. The capacity of the arm, with a length of 940.5 mm, is 6 kg when fully extended at a speed of 1.0 m/s.

  • Platform

The system has a control panel that improves access to key features of the platform. It has a 2D laser scanner for self-localization and stereo speaker for interactivity. It also has an emergency button to lock the device at any time.

Fetch joints


  • R & D
  • AAL (Ambient Assisted Living)
  • Mobile handling indoors
  • R&D in logistics

Data sheet
Model NºFetch
Weight113.3 Kg
Speed1 m/s
Load capacity6 Kg
Height1096/1491 mm
Base diameter500 mm
Elevation axis range395 mm
CommunicationWifi 802.11n
ConnectivityOn base and on head, HD video port. 3x USB, 1x Ethernet


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