Mobile manipulator XL-GEN

Recommended cofiguration mounts the Kinova Gen2 Ultra lightweight robot 6 DOF arm and the UST-20LX laser

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Encoders in wheels
Docking station (Requires Orbbec Astra)
Sensorization zone 1
Sensorization zone 2
Sensorization zone 3
Router 4G
Front connection for docking

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The mobile manipulator XL-GEN arises from the union among 2 excelent products: the Kinova Gen2 or Gen3 Ultra lightweight robot arm from Kinova Robotics and the SUMMIT-XL from Robotnik. Manipulator XL-GEN is designed for harsh, hazardous or research environments. Also configurable with 7 o 6 DOF.

Mobile manipulator

XL-GEN can be configured in different ways:

  • XL-GEN without arm, ready to integrate an arm from Kinova.
  • XL-GEN with 7 or 6 DOF arm with the option to integrate a 2 or 3 finger gripper.


  • Research
  • Inspection
  • Medicine
  • Logistics
  • Remote monitoring
  • Access to harsh environments

Size (Mecanum/rubber wheels and Kinova Ultra lightweight robot 6 DOF arm):

Data sheet
Model NºXL-GEN
Ambient temperature / humidity0º to+50º C
Weight65 kg + arm (4,5/6 Kg)
Speed3 m/s
Load capacity7 DOF: 2,4 kg (Half range); 2,1 kg (Complete range) 6 DOF: 2,6 kg (Half range); 2,2 kg (Complete range) 4 DOF: 4,4 kg (Half range); 3,5 kg (Complete range)
Dimensions (folded)720 x 613 x 708 mm
AutonomyUp to 6 h
Max. climbing angle80%
BateríasLiFePO4 15Ah@48V
CommunicationWifi 802.11n
ConnectivityInternal: USB, RS232, GPIO; External: USB, RJ45 y 12 VDC

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