The RS-Helios is a 32-beam LiDAR designed for robots, autonomous vehicles, V2X, and mapping applications.

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The RS-Helios-1615 adopts a uniform beam layout to provide point cloud within the 31 vertical FOV, which is more friendly for surveying and mapping. With an innovative new technonoly architecture, the size of the RS-Helios series is reduced by 29% compared to the RS-LIDAR-32.

  • Supports web configuration and monitoring
  • Multiple operation modes: high-performance, standby
  • -30°C temperature resistance
Data sheet
Model NºRS-HELIOS 1615
Ambient temperature / humidity-30 °C TO 60 °C
Sizeφ: 100 mm * H100 mm
Weight ~1 kg
Voltage9 ~32 V
Laser beam 32 beams
Laser classclass1
Accuracy±2cm (1m to 100m), ±3cm (0.1m to 1m), ±3cm (100m to 150m)
Data rate576,000 (single return), 115,2000 (dual return)
Field of view (vertical) 31° (-16° to +15°)
Field of view (horizontal)360º
RPM 600 / 1200 rpm
Front camera

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