360º LiDAR, high angular resolution, 200 meters detection range.

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RS-Ruby is a 128 beam LiDAR specially designed for L4+ autonomous driving. Compared with RS-LiDAR-32, RS-RUBY has a 3 times higher vertical angular resolution of 0.1 °, and a maximum detection range improved by 2 to 3 times. RS-Ruby fully fulfills the requirements of high speed autonomous driving.

RS-Ruby meets the requirement on low working temperature down to -30°C, and has achieved breakthrough in anti-interference:resist interference of other LiDAR and ambient light in all-weather. It is an excellent choice for advanced autonomous driving.

The combination of RS-RUBY and RS-Bpearl offers new possibility for the environment perception of Robotaxi applications.

  • High resistance to interferences
    The RS-Ruby Resists interference from other LiDARs and ambient light in any weather.

  • Long Range and higher vertical angular resolution
    The RS-Ruby has a vertical angular resolution of 0.1 °, designed for long distance obstacle detection.

  • Cold-Resistant
    RS-Ruby meets the requirement on low working temperature down to -30°C.

Data sheet
Sizeφ: 166mm* H148.5mm
Weight3.75Kg (without cabling)
Laser beam128 beams
Laser classClass 1
Data rate2,304,000pts/s (single return mode)
Field of view (vertical)40 °
Field of view (horizontal)360º
RPM600/1200 rpm (10Hz/20Hz)
Input voltage 9-32VDC
Data typespatial coordinates/intensity

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