360º LiDAR sensor, detection range of more than 150 meters and ultraprecision.

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RS-LiDAR-32 is a line of mass production 32 beam solid-state hybrid LiDAR products developed by RoboSensep>

This line of products are developed according to OEM requirements, which asks for not only stronger performance in high-speed driving environment but also smaller footprint. Designed with a generous 40° vertical FOV, the laser heads of RS-LiDAR-32 are lined up with smaller interspace in the middle part , which gives an amazingly high vertical angular resolution of 0.33°, and larger interspace on both ends. Such design steers the scanning region of interest to the driving space and gives the 32 beam LiDAR even higher performance than that of 64 beam LiDAR products.

  • 0.33° vertical angular resolution, steers detection region of interest to the driving space.
    The laser heads, with higher angular resolution in the middle part, steer the scanning region of interest to the driving space on road. 20 laser beams with an idenitical 0.33° vertical angular resolution brings the RS-LiDAR32B stronger obstacle detection abality than 64beam LiDAR products(0.4 °)
  • 200m detection range
    RS-LiDAR-32 can detects as far as 200m to leave more reaction time for the fast driving autonomous vehicles.
  • 40° vertical FOV, best design to eliminate blind spots.
    The RS-LiDAR-32B is designed with a wide vertical field of view of 40° with 25° arranged below the horizon. This generous design ultimately optimizes the detection of blind spots that cannot be spotted by conventional designs.
Data sheet
Model NºRS-LIDAR-32
Accuracy± 5cm
Ambient temperature / humidity-10 ℃ a + 60 ° C
Sizeφ114mm * 108.73mm
Resolution angleminimum 0.33º
Range0.2m to 200m (20% object reflectivity)
Wave length905nm
Laser beam32 beams
Laser classclass 1
Data rate640,000 pts /s
Field of view (vertical)+ 15 ° a -25 °
Field of view (horizontal)360º
Input voltage9-32VDC
Data typespatial coordinates/intensity

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