360º LiDAR sensor, detection range of more than 150 meters and ultraprecision.

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RS-LiDAR-16, launched by RoboSense, is the first of its kind in China, world leading 16-beam miniature LiDAR product.

Its main applications are in autonomous driving, robots environment perception and UAV mapping.

The compact housing of RS-LiDAR-16 mounted with 16 laser/detector pairs rapidly spins and sends out high-frequency laser beams to continuously scan the Surrounding environment. Advanced digital signal processing and ranging algorithms calculate point cloud data and reflectivity of objects to enable machine to 'see' the world and providing reliable data for localization, navigation and obstacle avoidance.

  • Real-Time, High Data Rate

    RS-LiDAR-16 is designed with 16 powerful laser beams capable of continuous fast-speed scanning on an amazingly high data rate of 320,000 points/second.

  • Long Range, Better Resolution

    The fully indigenous RS-LiDAR-16, with detection range over 150 meters, enables autonomous vehicles to "see" the road condition more than a hundred meters ahead.

  • Ultraprecision Catches the Last Detail

    RS-LiDAR-16 adopts cutting-edge digital signal processing technology and ranging algorithms, successfully meets the world top range accuracy of 2 centimeters.

Technical specifications

  • Laser beam: 16 beams
  • Wavelength: 905nm
  • Laser class: class1
  • Accuracy: ±2cm(typical)
  • Range: 20cm to 150m(20% object reflectivity)
  • Data rate: 320,000pts/s
  • Field of view (vertical): +15.0° to -15.0° (30°)
  • Angular resolution(vertical): 2.0º
  • Field of view (horizontal): 360º
  • Angular resolution (horizontal/azimuth): 0.09º to 0.36º (5-20Hz)
  • RPM: 300rpm to 1200rpm(5Hz to 20Hz)
  • Input voltage: 9-32VDC
  • Power consumption: 9w(typical)
  • Sensor protection: IP67
  • Operation temperature: -10°C to +60°C
  • Dimension: H:82.7mm*φ:109mm
  • Weight: 0.84Kg(without cabling)
  • Data type: spatial coordinates/intensity

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