Mobile manipulator RB-VULCANO

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Mobile manipulator RB-VULCANO is completely autonomous and collaborative, and can share workspace with people safely by means of its integrated lasers. In addition, it is a highly maneuverable platform thanks to its wheels with infinite rotation.

The robot RB-VULCANO consists of the mobile platform RB-VULCANO BASE, a lift column and a UR5 arm (payload of 5 kg) or arm UR10 (payload 10 kg). By default, it has integrated collaborative gripper 40 CO-ACT (Schunk) but this can be replaced by any other type of tool (as a screwdriver, for example).

Meanwhile, the robotic arm can perform at different heights. The base of the robotic arm works between 750 mm and 1.500 mm. This allows to either reach objects that are at ground level and up to 3.000 mm high, in the case of RB-VULCANO 10.

The tableboard allows to place objects weighing up to 300 kg. This can be used as a workbench, the mobile manipulator being stationary or in movement.

The robot can incorporate different magnetic navigation systems, SLAM or remotely through a PTZ camera.

Other notable elements of the robot are its fairing, completely removable for easy maintenance and access to electronics; its battery easily interchangeable -with the possibility of acquiring a charging station with automatic exchange of battery- and easy integration of additional components in its interior.



Data sheet
Ambient temperature / humidity0° to +45°C
Size1.599 x 1.060 x 937 mm
Weight850 kg
Speed1 m/s
Load capacity250 kg
Traction systemSingle Ackermann | Dual Ackermann | Omni-drive (swerve drive)
Traction motors4 x 1200 W
PCOpen architecture ROS Embedded PC with Linux
CommunicationWifi 802.11n
ConnectivityOn demand

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