Co-act EGP-C


Robotic collaborative gripper. Fingers not included.

The ROS drivers of this product aren't available yet, but it can be integrated with our robots very easily. Please consult us.

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Electric 2-finger parallel gripper certified for collaborative operation with actuation via 24 V and digital I/O

Field of application

Gripping and moving small and medium-sized workpieces with flexible force in collaborative operation in the areas of assembly, electronics and machine tool loading.

Advantages – Your benefits

Certified gripping unit
saves effort for safety assessment of the application

Functional safety
ensured due to inherent safety with current limitation

Pre-assembled gripping unit with robot interface
for a easy and fast integration

Plug & Work
on cobots from Universal Robots

Integrated status display
to the visibility of the application state at the operator’s eye level

Service flaps in the collision protection cover
fitted to adjust the gripping force and the sensor system

Control via digital I/O
for easy commissioning and rapid integration into existing systems

Brushless DC servomotor
for almost wear-free use and a long service life

Attachment fingers
available with three different inserts

Options and special information

Light band for variants for Universal Robots and FANUC
Actuation of the light band is possible for the version –UREK with external cabling for Universal Robots. For the version –URID, the digital signals for actuation are not available. For FANUC (version –FCR7), use of the light band is possible for direct connection of the gripper to the robot control system. For the connection via the EE interface, the actuation of the light band is not provided.

Manually adjustable gripping force
With an integrated rotary switch, the gripping force can be adjusted for the Co-act EGP-C 40 in four stages from 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%. To adjust the gripping force, the service flap must be opened.

Integrated sensor system
The gripper has two integrated inductive proximity switches. With them, the "open" and "closed" position of the gripper is monitored as standard. A sensor can alternatively be used depending on the area for workpiece monitoring. For this, the sensor must be manually adjustable. For this, a service flap must be opened for the size 40.

SAC - safety notes
In the enclosed assembly and operating manual, extensive safety notes on the use of the gripper are also included. The instructions also provide information and recommendations on the overall application.

The weight comprises the entire Co-act gripper including cable and connecting plug.

Data sheet
Model NºCo-act EGP-C
Ambient temperature / humidity5°C - 55°C
Weight0.86 kg
Scan Angle30
Repeatability0.02 mm
Compatible robotUR 3/5/10
Robot flangeStandard flange
LED strip lightintegrated
Displayable colorsgreen, yellow, red
Integrated sensorsyes, inductive in two directions
Length X93.8 mm
Width Y90.2 mm
Height Z123 mm
Stroke per jaw6 mm
Min. gripping force35 N
Max. gripping force140 N
Min. force per jaw17.5 N
Max. stroke per jaw70 N
Recommended workpiece weight0.7 kg
Max. permissible finger length50 mm
Max. permissible mass per finger0.08
Closing time0.2 s
Opening time0.2 s


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