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Rigid 6-axis force/torque sensor for precision measuring in all six degrees of freedom. As a result, the sensors can even be used for the automation of sophisticated tasks.

  • Overload protection: The F/T transducer is extremely rugged and durable. All transducer models can withstand high overloa
  • High signal-to-noise ratio: Silicon gages provide a signal 75 times stronger than conventional foil gages. This signal is amplified resulting in near-zero noise distortion.
  • Custom F/T transducers can be designed and built to your specifications

Field of application

Universally applicable in robotic applications such as haptics, medicine, grinding, testing, inserting, and research and development


  • Many sizes with different measuring ranges
  • The sensor measures in all 6 degrees of freedom forces as well as moments
  • Rotation and translation of the coordinates system in all three directions in space
  • Integrated temperature compensation to ensure the defined measuring accuracy
  • Easy integration into the process due to easy interface compatibility
  • Robust design due to a higher overload range for a long service life 
  • IP protection, IP 60, 65, 68 available as an option

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